Nashville Tennessee Mortgage Field Services Rep Receives Christmas Surprise

Philip, a mortgage field services rep in Nashville TN, reports he has received communications from the mortgage field service company he works for, that he had 42 late inspections over the holiday season. He will not be paid for the forty-two late inspection but he did have to work them, upload 316 pictures, label all the pictures and upload 42 reports.

Thank goodness the company is one of the cheapest in the industry and pay only $4.50 for mortgage inspections. Fourteen hours of work and a loss of  $189.00.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From The Mortgage Field Services Scam Businesses

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Another Craigslist Scam Alert:

Full/Part time Field Inspectors
Property Preservation work
Need a computer-camera-internet access to complete these inspections
Must have exp. with this type of inspection
Please call if you are interested 
  • Location: MOBILE AREAS
  • Compensation: $5.00 MIN.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

Notice that they did state the compensation: $5.00 MIN. Hey, that’s only $2.25 below minimum wage and if you could work 40 hours per week you would be only $1,490 below the poverty level for a family of one.

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Typical Craigslist Ad With The Rest Of The Story Added As Notations

  • Field Agent/ Drive-By Inspections – now using the term “Field Agent” because the word is out that mortgage inspections, mortgage field services, etc. is a scam.
  • We are looking for Field Service Agents/Inspectors and/or Mobile Notaries to perform Drive-By – less than 5% of inspections are true drive-bys. In reality the majority of them, 60 – 75% require face-to-face contact or door hangar.
  • Inspections, Field Service and Property Integrity Solutions. In your reply email PLEASE provide the Ad’s City Location and your county of residence IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE! – they need the city location because the same ad is broadcast all over the country. It’s called fishing.
  • In being a Field Agent/Inspector, you would: Drive to properties within your area -  you will find out they tell you what your area will be!
  • Review the exterior property condition – walk around regardless of hazards or dangers and take about 20 photos that require 20 to 30 minutes to label and upload after you do the field work.
  • Take photos of the property – you got that right. Dozens and hundreds which have to be identified and uploaded usually by a deadline convenient to their office personel.
  • Report collected data – sometimes 3 to 4 pages in addition to all those photos

Necessary Equipment:

  • Camera or Smartphone – you will pay the data charges if they are successful in getting you to use your cellphone for photos
  • Computer with internet access – plus their software downloads that screw up everything else on your computer
  • GPS – so they can track your whereabouts
  • Insured transportation - because you’re going to need it

Applicants will be subject to a background screening. Experience is preferred, and please indicate if applicable. General training can be provided otherwise. – not that they really care about who you are or what you’ve done, but background checks are the in thing now

Income ranges from $200 to $4000+ per month based on volume and coverage area. Coverage area is based on applicant. – deduct 25% for gasoline, 30% for taxes, 10% for insurance and 10% for miscellaneous such as fax, telephone, cell phone, paper, tires, brakes, etc. and you are left with $50 to $1000 per month. It works out to about $5 per hour.

SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY, others need not to Respond/Apply!! - true. only the truly desperate will apply

~~~YOU MUST PROVIDE THE AD’s CITY LOCATION ~ AND YOUR COUNTY/ STATE ~ IN SUBJECT LINE!~~~ I told you so. They’re going to tell you you must work the entire county – as a minimum!

Please also include your county coverage areas within your email for immediate consideration. Please forward your resume and qualifications. If you have experience, please indicate this on your cover letter. - there it is again, that county thing

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Does Cyprexx Hate Trees

Does Cyprexx Hate Trees


New Vacancy Posting For Each Inspection Consumes 2,000 Sheets Of Paper Per Day

New Vacancy Posting For Each Inspection Consumes 2,000 Sheets Of Paper Per Day

Reports from field inspectors across the country state that Cyprexx, a Tampa Florida based family-run company requires that a new vacancy notice be posted each time a property is inspected.  No published statement has been found that explains why Cyprexx mandates this paper-wasting, tree-grinding policy, but mortgage field inspectors across the country continue to ask “why.”





According to the Cyprexx website, Cyprexx describes itself as:

... a Tampa, Florida based family-run company providing preservation, inspection,
repairs,tenant occupied, and vacant property registration services 
through a nationwide network of more than 20,000 vendors.

If only one tenth of the 20,000 vendors post a new vacancy notice each day, the paper wasted for that one day is 2,000 sheets of paper. Two thousand sheets of paper is four reams of paper. Four cases! According to,  one ream of paper requires that 6% of a tree be ground to pulp. With Cyprexx demanding a new vacancy notice each day, 24% of one tree is being ground to pulp per day.

Simple mathmatics will reveal that the nationwide network of Cyprexx vendors may be responsible for the loss of roughly two trees per week or over 100 trees per year.

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Mortgage Field Services Business Sucks

Mortgage Field Services Business Sucks

Inspection number two was for MSI, Mortgage Specialist International. They are located in Hurst Texas and they probably are the only company, and if not the only company, one of the very few that has not gone totally insane with their request for free services from mortgage field service reps. In fact, here’s their instructions for the inspection I just completed: One photo required. Did you hear that – one photo required. Verify occupancy and if property is vacant, sign and date the work order, scan and use document manager to upload the inspection form or e-mail back to MSI then shred the hard copy.

There are 15 areas that need to be marked on the inspection form and it takes way less than one minute when you get accustomed to the form. there are a few remaining areas – five in fact for comments on recommended maintenance, reporting of any damage.

There is a little sanity left and that it appears that Mortgage Specialist International, MSI, has retained their sanity.

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Mortgage Field Services Scam Report For December 27

I am at my first inspection. It is 8 o’clock in the morning. My first inspection is for MCS – a no contact exterior inspection only. The instructions are do not leave any notices or documentation and do not discuss any information with occupants, neighbors or third parties. Occupancy status must be verified by a minimum of two indicators.

The photo requirements regardless of occupancy status are two occupancy indicators, front of property, address, street sign and the vacancy certificate if vacant and street views. so that’s seven free photos if there’s no damage. If there is damage seven photos of each reported damage. Since these are all free photos and cost the field inspector absolutely nothing – there is no film, the camera is free of course. Labeling and uploading pictures only involves hours of unpaid labor.

You can only imagine the extremes that most field inspectors will go to to find and report all the damage. Personally, I find it very disappointing that the majority of the properties requiring seven photos of each and every area of damage reported are outstandingly maintained. Very seldom is any damage found at these properties.

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